Seaside Dreams


The "Veta" Creole impresses with its flowing, seamless appearance, which is reminiscent of the beauty and organic shapes of gold in its natural form.


Our ring "Pepita" is inspired by the rough yet gentle contours of a gold nugget. It impresses with its striking lines and harmonious design, is bold but still simple. The ring is available in various precious metals.

"Pilar alarcón jewelry stands for individuality, appreciation for the extraordinary, and love for craftsmanship. in accordance with these values, we create unique pieces of jewelry."

— Pilar Alarcon

Rings to combine

Looking for the perfect summer accessory? Discover our versatile combination options for trendy rings!


Carefully handcrafted pieces of jewelry.


We use recycled 925 silver for our jewelry.

Small Business

We are a small Swiss company.


Unconventional jewelry that highlights and underlines your personality.