Our mission

At Pilar Alarcón you will not find mass-produced goods, but rather handcrafted pieces of jewelry that are created with attention to detail and a passion for individuality. Each piece is unique.

Our focus is on unique designs that deliberately deviate from the norm and have their own aesthetic. We believe that beauty does not always have to be perfect, but rather lies in uniqueness and difference. Our handmade pieces of jewelry are deliberately not flawless, but rather have a certain imperfection that gives them character.

Pilar Alarcón embodies values such as self-expression, individuality, and a passion for the extraordinary. We appreciate craftsmanship that merges unique, handcrafted masterpieces with a hint of rebellion.

— Pilar

Our values

Pilar Alarcón is all about breaking away from mainstream trends and expressing your own individual style.

Our goal is to inspire people to celebrate their uniqueness and confidently stand out from the crowd. Our jewelry should not just be an accessory, but a way to emphasize your individuality and express yourself.

So, be bold, be authentic and celebrate your uniqueness with Pilar Alarcón Jewelry

About me

I'm Pilar, the founder of Pilar Alarcón, and jewelry is my passion. My family introduced me to the world of watches and jewelry when I was a child. My grandfather was a talented watchmaker and my mother worked for various jewelry stores. This family heritage sparked my love for crafts and creating unique pieces of jewelry.